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A Delaware Indian name meaning "pine tree lick"
Also the name of a creek
 in Quemahoning Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania.

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    There are few pleasures greater than the exhilaration of delving deep into a topic and converting what I learn into that marvel of human achievement called a book.  Twice I have been honored with this privaleage, and I look forward to publishing additional volumes. 
                              -- Brian L. Fritz

New Books

Shade Furnace: An Early 19th Century Ironmaking Community in Somerset County, Pennsylvania - by Brian L. Fritz

This 253 page book is the first detailed history of the Shade  Furnace Ironworks that operated from 1808 to 1858.  The  book includes a primer on 19th century ironmaking, the socio-economic development of western Pennsylvania, the  history of the Thomas Vickroy family beginning in colonial Maryland, and the 50 year operational history of the ironworks, plus the archaeology of the 200-acre National Register listed Shade Furnace Archaeological District.

Published by the Historical and Genealogical Society of Somerset County - 2016
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The Scripture Rocks: Why Douglas Stahlman Carved His Legacy in Stone
- by Brian L. Fritz and Kenneth Burkett

2015 Leadership in History Award, AASLH

Over the past six years, volunteers from the Jefferson County History Center and North Fork Chapter 29 of the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology have undertaken an extensive quest to relocate, map, and record the Scripture Rocks carved by Douglas M. Stahlman from 1911 through 1915.

The book is divided into three parts.  Part 1 provides a historically accurate account of Douglas Stahlman's life (1861-1942), including his charismatic religious convictions, his politically charged insanity trial, and his obsessive behavior of carving biblical messages on hundreds of rocks while living impoverished in a little shanty built on top of his Altar Rock. 

Part 2 discusses how archaeologists with a group of dedicated community volunteers launched a systematic effort to find and record over 150 of Stahlman's rocks.  Part 3 publishes for the first time 18 chapters of the Dedicated Rocks Book hand written by Douglas Stahlman in seven linen notebooks. 

Published by the Jefferson County Historical Society - 2014
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